The Beauty of Music

I went to my first concert ever yesterday, it’s a July 4th Symphony by SF Symphony at Mountain View. The music was mesmerizing, performed in the theme of moon and space exploration. One of my favorites. Aside from the beautiful classical pieces as expected, I also witnessed the incarnation of some timeless songs Fly Me to The Moon, Rocket Man, Space Oddity, Skyfall through the orchestra.

But that isn’t the most beautiful thing. This is (somehow WordPress doesn’t like embeding .MOV file). People unite in enjoying music together. It is a beautiful see of flash lights.

In that moment, we all looked up from their phones, which shouldn’t be taken for granted nowadays. We took a moment to support the singers, the orchestra. No those words don’t really capture the gravity of that. We all shared a moment with thousands of other human beings in the theater. We connected with each other, something that the electronic devices were created for but too often fail at exactly that.

Of course, this moment was incited by the music and musicians on stage. And that is precisely the reason that drew me into music: connecting people through emotion.

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