Alcohol and Openness in Communication

I despite the fact that people need alcohol to communicate more openly with others. I will not discuss drinking for the sake of drinking, that is also bad and warrants a topic of its own.

Why do we need to default to alcohol to have fun with friends, to open more, to express our emotions? If we want to express what we really think or feel about other people, just do it without alcohol. True, alcohol inhibits our own judgement so we can communicate emotions easier. But we don’t need to rely on it, just train ourselves to be more honest. Defaulting to alcohol for these situations all the time will build our dependence on it. Alternatively, opting for openness emotionally in everyday communication will reinforce itself, too. And the method without alcohol is so much safer, as alcohol inhibits our judgement, sometimes too much, and we could do things that we will regret later.

Worse yet, we also use alcohol as a justification to do things we don’t want to be judged for doing. Sexual advancement get rejected? Blame it on the alcohol! Family problem? Blame it on the alcohol. If we didn’t drink doing those things, we would have nothing to blame but ourselves, and that could be “scary”.

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