What Is A Government?

The biggest organization of a country responsible for (usually) security, and some other stuff.

Citizens are customer of that government. We pay subscription fee to this membership every time we earns any money for our labor. In exchange, we have a secured place to live on. By secure, it’s both against external threat and internal threat. External threat is fenced off by an army and politicians. Internal threats are fenced off by police (lawenforcement officers and the law).

We give up some of our “freedom”. The “freedom” to kill anyone we want, the “freedom” to steal anything we want in exchange for the security that no one shall do that to us without concrete any predetermined consequences agreed upon. They help see every ccontracts between citizens to come through without any party breaching it.

The rule book (aka law) is essentially agreed upon and followed by all members.

Politics is when members quarrel on what to do as a group, or how to do it.

They take on or facilitate large project that is beyond the scope of any “regular” organization: ground infrastructure.

The currency of a government is based on the perceived value of a government, and fluctuates depends on how stable that government is.

Why it’s slow? Because it’s a big organization with a lot of members, and any slightest change will need to satisfy most of the members, especially in more “democratic” organization.

Though, all of these tasks can be done by individual businesses each take on a simple part of the whole picture. Independent army contractor? It exists. Independent police department, fire department, hospital? They exist.

Some governmental organization has high bar for becoming their members, some doesn’t.

Some people love their organization so much they call themselves by special name: “patriots”

Just like if we have poor service from McDonald, we can choose to go to Burger King instead. Infinite player as we are, realize that we have the choice to choose paying for the service of different governments, not just the one we inherited membership from birth.

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