Melody Writing 1 – The Nguyen Composes

I challenged myself to compose as many melodies as I could in an hour for a I-I-IV-ii-V-IV-V-I chord progression in chorale style. I finished 4 melodies and like the 3rd one the most.

What I learned:

  • I thought the parallel fifths concept is just a theory pet-peeve, but it turns out they do sound a bit weird.
  • Less complicated melody is usually better. I tried having all the voice move at once with eight notes but that was just messy. Case in point, take a look at the tenor’s beautiful descending line at the end of melody 2 and soprano’s godly opening line in melody 3. Left uncrowded, they can shine comfortably at the center of the spotlight.

What do you think? Or if I may: What do you feel? Since music goes hand in hand with emotion.

Melody 1
Melody 2
Melody 3
Melody 4

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