Is Time Really Short? – A Curious Reflection

Time by itself is infinite. It is the time remaining until something (read: anything) that is finite, and thus, can be short. One’s life is short because that’s the time remaining until one dies. When we talk about the world or even humanity as a whole, time is infinite.

The mindset of we need to achieve some goals by some time (i.e. by 30 years old, by the time my kids grow up, by the time I die) inherently shorten the time frame allowed.

Knowing that, if our goal is to not feel constrained by time, we can bend the rule to our advantage (read Finite and Infinite Games, it’s a game changer). When we adopt the growth mindset and start to focus on constant improvement without a set goal by a set time, time remaining becomes infinite. Or, at the very least, work on longer-term projects, possibly even longer than a human lifespan. Since our lives are inherently meaningless, dedicate them to some longer-term meanings, be vocal about it to possibly invite people along the journey.

Side note: Ok. So time is plentiful, but should we still prioritize our what we do in our life? Absolutely! Prioritize not to save time remaining, but to avoid the stress of irrelevant tasks and focus only on what we care about the most. But that will be a topic for another day. Or if you can’t wait, read Tim Urban’s perspective, or Paul Graham’s perspective. Both are insightful.

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