An Unedited Rant on Being Weird

I mean I’ll edit this later, this is a thought vomit, a 0th (maybe -1st) draft, Why publish? Because.

What does it mean to be a normal person? Why do people want to be considered normal?

People want to be normal so they can fit in with others. They want to fit in a society

After all, it is a revolutionary requirement for people to do what others do, consider something that has never been done before impossible. But just like something never happened before can happen for the first time any time. Some thing that has never been done by any other people before can be made possible by some creative problem-solving skill, by some extraordinary optimization or effort by some relentless human.

But people decided to just fit in and do what is minimum of them in or der to get by day by day. People want to be comfortable. Afterall, if they don’t really want something and the safe option is to be good enough, what is the motivation to go above and beyond. The way of going above and beyond here is to invent ways that other people had never used before. This is to be a chef by Tim Urban definition.

In order to be a chef, one not only have to sit down and think of things. We must be active and work with everything from scratch, throw out every common convention way of doing things, for things that matter to us, think from the ground up. Common convention could work for 80% of the time, but in order to achieve something more extraordinary, we would need to goo beyond the rule. First, this mindset requires effort and even the people who are the best at this don’t always do it either. If every movement you make, whether walking or taking a remote to the TV, you think of everything, then it would take a whole day just to walk across the room or turning on the TV. People who do this only thing critically and creatively about the things that they care deeply about and the things that they want to improve to be the best at. The second reason and possibly the bigger barrier for people is that they don’t do it for fear of ridicule.

If they have not tried at all, they will have the certainty of never failing at it. If they do it however, all their friends and family member would know that you do, and if you fail. Oh, just imagine that uncle Kevin or ant Jane or Jake from work knows that you attempted at and failed at doing something a new way. It would be outrageous. Though the result might be nice, the potential downfall is way greater.

We have this tendency because we want to fit in with the tribe that we are in. In the old timey, no not the 20s 30s, I’m talking about stone age. Early human hunt together. They stay together to share the food and protect each other. It is required to be not very different, to fit in so that they won’t be left alone in the wild. But nowadays. There are so many options. There are so many ways that a person could go about doing things in life. If some one doesn’t approve of us doing something, we can always make new friends. If a country or a secluded society doesn’t like the way that we do something, we can move to a different place to live. There is nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, if you do something weird, people are not likely going to ask you about it, people who knows you, especially family member will react strongly to it, however. As if they are ashamed for you, ashamed to have you as an acquaintance. But people you don’t know won’t even bother to ask, they just give you a weird look and walk right by. Here is the time I tried to draw a square on my forehead to see how people will react. Maybe I will try to do something more outrageous next time.

So now we know that it is okay to do something unique. We are all weird, we can all be weird in our own way, as long as that weirdness benefits us. I don’t promote being weird just for the sake of being weird, but it’s okay to be weird along the way of achieving some goals.

People will gossip about you, try to stop you, try to bring you down. Others will admire you, just because you do something extraordinary. It is not extraordinary at all. Anyone can do this. If you have some basic education, know how to learn by yourself, know what needed to be done in order to achieve some goals, you are set to have a life like you want without any worry of ever ending up on the street.  You can budget, you can mange money, effort, time, cut back expense, take class, learn online, in order to achieve the goals that you want. I realize earlier that the unknown future is not that scary.

If you find yourself complaining about some aspect of life, longing for something. Go ahead and pursue it. Your goals are worth pursuing, your desires are worth pursuing. The only barrier is to try more and not be afraid to fail. So what if people perceive that you don’t fail when you know that you are still remaining in one place. So what if people see you fail and judge you if you know that you are learning something new from all of your failures and will gradually become a better version of yourself every day. By becoming better and better at something, we can see a bigger picture of what life has to offer, we can come closer and closer to our ideal self. And that process of pursuing our ideal self, of always getting better and better, is one of the highs of life. It is the very reason I pursue beauty and knowledge.

Being yourself, doing what you want most should be being normal, not whatever “being normal” is defined nowadays, aka do what everybody does and hope that recipe will magically make us happy as well.

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