Things Will Be Fine – The Nguyen Composes

I was in a dark period of my life two years ago, stressing about the unknown future. The constant support from family members and friends were what brought me through that period. I wrote the main melody for this piece shortly after, with the intention to pass on the support to anyone who might need it in their darkest time. Now I have the music skill to expand the melody into a full choral piece. The idea is to have the main self-doubting voice be accompanied by other voices (by friends, if you will) during the breakthrough.

The software I use cannot sing the lyrics, so I recommend opening the Noteflight website to see the lyrics with interactive music playback. Also, I’ll ask the choir that I’m in to practice and perform this. Hopefully they will agree.

If you like this piece, you may also like this one about other’s expectation of us.

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